Just told some dude with a poodle to fuck off.
My pound mutt humped his puppy’s ass.
He pretends to call the cops. No answer and I knew it.
Bigger problems in this town.
I will never understand the appeal of anger. 
So bored. Weather exhausts me. You call this winter?
I’ll show you winter. Tea kettle spilled over door locks.
Hot shovel from the wood stove. Ashes, pitfall.
The water here is always bitter cold. 
Big tease. Did I mention I am allergic to wet suits?
So much for surfing. Might as well move back East, 
land of snow and warm summer water. Might be better 
than sitting on a cold beach, staring at a red bridge
they never stop painting. What’s the point?  All of this beauty
everywhere. So stupid. My wet dog licks my cheek, shakes
out the water from his fur all over me. 
Dumb sun, set already. This sucks. Sand in my socks.
I will never be happy.