Tracey Knapp

Tracey Knapp – Corner

outside a man has stopped hitting a tree with a stick the streetlight stutters on, off a bike frame stripped bare, locked to a stop sign on the lamppost, a crumbling printout of a missing cat a homeless woman cradles a boom box like a baby I have an ambivalent interest in the stars which […]

Tracey Knapp – Tony’s Bar

the last time I drank a lot was in this town where we laid in the road at night in the shape of a star beer was cheap and at Tony’s you could buy a cigarette for a quarter someone always threw popcorn at you to get your attention it makes a difference in a […]

Tracey Knapp – Leaving Land

pirates shmirates—let’s cross the ocean we’ll unhitch a schooner fast at night sail south or west, away from land its maddening gridlock where we squabble in August hotness over which lane or who gets the bike the dog on board can be named Matey his rear left leg made of a teak post you do […]

Tracey Knapp – Bad Mood, Baker Beach

Just told some dude with a poodle to fuck off. My pound mutt humped his puppy’s ass. He pretends to call the cops. No answer and I knew it. Bigger problems in this town. I will never understand the appeal of anger. So bored. Weather exhausts me. You call this winter? I’ll show you winter. […]

Poetry: Tracey Knapp

Tracey Knapp’s first book of poems, Mouth, won the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award in 2014 and will be published in 2015.  Her manuscript was also a finalist for the Four Way Books Intro Prize.  She has received scholarships from the Tin House Writers’ Workshop and the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fund. Her work has appeared  in  Best New Poets, Five Points, Red Wheelbarrow Review, The New […]