About Circus Book


Circus Book is an art incubator. Our art incubator is a hybrid of an art journal and an art collective and aims to foster rigorous perspectives without pretension on the Internet. We do this in three ways: The Periodical brings a revolutionary model to Internet publishing and promises high-quality content on a semi-daily basis. We strut our stuff in the Salon and produce our own home-brewed aesthetic flavors. Finally, our editors and administrators have skills in worlds outside of Circus Book, and our Services page will bring you to those worlds.


Circus Book was founded in 2008 in an apartment in Newburgh, NY. Its first issue was bound by hand and the spine was wood-glued to the guts. Lewis kept her alive as long as he could, and in 2012 our informal blog went (somewhat informally) formal, producing standout in-house perspectives. Shout to Dana Frances Haitkin. Now, in 2014, we’re collecting runaways by adding the Periodical, which will provide artists with the opportunity to be a monthly feature on our site.

Who We Are