E.D. Rodriguez – XVII.

Abuela Lucy made me get Heinekens for her, she made me sit there, and watch her as she glugged down suds, and the soaps that watched her as she lay, in a dutch-infused state. Is she dreaming? And of what? Tall brown men in bone colored suits and Sunday hats, crooning while smothering the strings […]

E.D. Rodriguez – V.

The road to Coroico, with coca leaves in our cheeks we dreamt through the winding Andean trail, whiplash vistas drenched in two histories. Gravelled inclines higher and denser into the clandestine jungle. Canine terra guards and suspect gazes marked our entry. We flew the valley the past strapped on our backs. From those heights we […]

E.D. Rodriguez – IV

Citrus lined hillside pass, we rode it wayward rumrunners, farm honey dressing our lips. Drunk cheer bellowed from our missile van, four motivated passengers, riding triumphantly to shore. All bore a mischief, pride from nights inside the dense tropiforest. We skipped through rotting fields, rusted fruit trains, and trails of dried molasses. Our eyes colonized […]

E.D. Rodriguez – XIV

When I arrived, the lights were up the ink on the banners had faded, the pigment in the photos vaguely captured history, the chairs were stacked, the microphone was unplugged, busboys cleaning up, balloons floated down in the cavernous hall, each one popping at the end of its fall, there was no clinking of flutes, […]

Kris Hall – Evil Goes to Taco Ball: A Love Poem by Israel Keys

WHERE WILL YOU GO, YOU CLEVER LITTLE WORM, filled with so much goodness flaccid in my grip, gushing all that nacho cheese? In my mouth a graveyard appears, lines of stones slam into your grilled broadside. You loved living your lie of billboard immortality, hunger had its own scheme, crushed like a bug you still […]

Kris Hall – For Hidalgo

He sat at his desk while I sat at the edge of his bed while he dictated the story of his life in the rodeo. My mother left me there alone with this hundred year-old rock biter; to be inspired by the gait of his dustbowl legacy or something. She didn’t once note or amble […]

Kris Hall – LA Push

It is nice and sunny all over the internet our focal point of America bereft of spinneret nowhere near New York dandelions in western most polyester greens, sweetened whiskey. Breathing the world’s end or rather ripped from our pivots the tall brink this endless wave fixed in its position nestled between Quillayute Needles that I […]

Kris Hall – Placeholder

I gave this dream to a color a swelling and pouting easter cotton on my heart synthesizing the wind and damn near everything else went pastel or rained down onto itself. this job is a blessing I can now afford those fruits drink tables ginko biloba with purpose smile at your back acknowledge the traits […]

Florencia Varela – Fire Island

We are sunburned and getting married, slowly, all of us. We bring a beer into the shower thinking we could live out the rest with sand in our hair. We look at age, collected among the shells and sea glass — when Sean breaks a chair and falls onto the deck, we all say He […]