Poetry - Circus Book - Page 2

Florencia Varela – Five of Cups

It’s the dream again — ankles & wrists pinned Down by the rogue wave, useless wingspan Stretched like a pale shoreline. This is a continent of disremembrance. Fog-charm. This is the plow — Crumbs on the table, forks in the sink. Stout & fugitive — Indian summer, Traps for last year’s ants. I am only […]

Florencia Varela – Never Seattle

I could mistake the story for city, as I learned the city by its text. When the knife cut through his cheek, he knew it was time to leave the story he had grown up in, a city he had known by heart. When in Seattle, I learned his heart by story. When his father […]

Florencia Varela – Daybreak

There’s the roof on top of the building, then another roof across town, even higher, I’ve been there too. And it wasn’t too different how the world looked without me in it, (it is a small place to begin with, a jar filled mostly with blue azaleas). It still wouldn’t say where the dog buried […]

Tracey Knapp – Corner

outside a man has stopped hitting a tree with a stick the streetlight stutters on, off a bike frame stripped bare, locked to a stop sign on the lamppost, a crumbling printout of a missing cat a homeless woman cradles a boom box like a baby I have an ambivalent interest in the stars which […]

Tracey Knapp – Tony’s Bar

the last time I drank a lot was in this town where we laid in the road at night in the shape of a star beer was cheap and at Tony’s you could buy a cigarette for a quarter someone always threw popcorn at you to get your attention it makes a difference in a […]

Tracey Knapp – Leaving Land

pirates shmirates—let’s cross the ocean we’ll unhitch a schooner fast at night sail south or west, away from land its maddening gridlock where we squabble in August hotness over which lane or who gets the bike the dog on board can be named Matey his rear left leg made of a teak post you do […]

Tracey Knapp – Bad Mood, Baker Beach

Just told some dude with a poodle to fuck off. My pound mutt humped his puppy’s ass. He pretends to call the cops. No answer and I knew it. Bigger problems in this town. I will never understand the appeal of anger. So bored. Weather exhausts me. You call this winter? I’ll show you winter. […]

Sreyash Sarkar – Malaise

“Our indiscretion sometimes serve us well, when our dear plots do pall…” – Hamlet, 5.2.7, Shakespeare. “The dawn has descended upon us,” said the Elder, “Let us hurry, or be hunted Let us conjecture, or be battered Let us herald, or be outwitted.” The little girl, inebriated in the beauty of the words, Is lost […]

Sreyash Sarkar – The Macramé of Carnal Waves

”Love is a shadow. How you lie and cry after it. Listen: these are its hooves: it has gone off, like a horse.” – Sylvia Plath Below the highway darkness turns the heath To ancient shapes, to where the wind trots on hooves, The mist acloak swirling, or further back To that with eyes and […]