Chopin and the Art of Baking Pie – Neila Mezynski

Neila Mezynski

Decision to sing

Right here between four wall window brown tree, no sympathy. Unremitting thirst. Think. Do go through step, bread milk gas car party child, real gold is. Listen. Baby intact. Steep price paid each intention/invention , gold from big brain, no one else. Dig. Slippery slop. Truth hidden behind noisy train comin. Listen specially hard if fat lady isn’t through but near. Singin. Comin. No horn. Either. Not polite like ocean not the same, gold; hysterical , her scream start singin, he said, choose. It/her say need. What. Keep on singin scream. Alone on that empty ocean. Polite. There. It is.


Blood letting tailor

White smock sad eye bulldog cheek, sorry, don’t hurt, much. Meticulous finger ready to play violin, done a million times, no need to take your jacket off I’ll slip round here like a good tailor , tie this off, vein quiver scared blue little thing. Question about his mom/ mine don’t like it either. His. See you next time hope not, you’re nice. Don’t hurt . Much.


Tending to things

It’s not the big rock you hop over those, it’s the pebble in between pick up toss across, the water little sweet skip run on tippy toe sparkle sun crisp crispy crackle snap pop toppy, end in the lap of gold. Attend to tiny, big takes care of itself surely if its all there the stuff that matters, bird can fly up high unfetter, run away from albatross, small sweet thing hush scream whisper pause go ahead fall back again. There for the delicious complete pot pie, just a piece . Gold comes in handy for great crust.


Lap like oil paint

Hand in lap not cupped, lay long. Smooth hand down skirt, infinite care as if brush in hand apply small bit of paint, her skirt, canvas. Same.


Flaky crust

Approach it polite, speak nice soft, take pie pin dust real good press down ball roll soft flat scarf brush white stuff on baby bottom sprinkle yeah, lift up gentle, stroke, throw baby in air catch, twirl on finger tip plop, say some hail mary sing little Chopin etude or bedtime story it’ll sleep nice good wake refresh gold edge brown indent don’t breathe might blow away, so, sweet flaky tender enough apple in the middle, they’ll come from miles for to slice this heaven.


Practice gold

Watch, the need for good, make , steep the tea before you drink before you go toe to toe with want/ need practice watch . She might pick up dress smooth skirt same as prepare violin bow string tools, order, scalpel, ready ; hum purr a way to need/want , that, choose. Fine. Live.


Kind of pie

Edge on book, movie, paint, attitude, not much soft, there. Brusque down skirt, handle her word , clothes, no satin sheen, burlap. Need. Beautiful /ugly. Same. He said. A rose is, she said. Same. Rhubarb.



Raindrop for eternity. A little something for human. His nose the middle of his face. Didn’t like the picture he painted, but never you mind, make more sense when you say it: mountain leaping keep getting more beautiful every day. A rose is. For.

Banana Crème.


About the Author

Neila Mezynski is author of Glimpses from Scrambler Books, a pamphlet from Greying Ghost Press and chapbooks from Folded Word Press (2012), Mud Luscious Press and Deadly Chaps Press. Mezynski is a Pushcart and Best of the Net nominee.

 “Decision to Sing” first appeared in Whole Beast Rag 

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