Prose Poem

Neila Mezynski

Chopin and the Art of Baking Pie – Neila Mezynski

Decision to sing Right here between four wall window brown tree, no sympathy. Unremitting thirst. Think. Do go through step, bread milk gas car party child, real gold is. Listen. Baby intact. Steep price paid each intention/invention , gold from big brain, no one else. Dig. Slippery slop. Truth hidden behind noisy train comin. Listen […]

The Sort of Changes People Court and the Ones They Invite Immediately

by Tom Bair The sort of changes people court and the ones they invite immediately. I thought of it while I was blank this morning. I had gotten out of bed and I was sitting in my chair. My posture has gotten worse. I used to be active; now I’m not active. I wear sea-gull […]