Christopher Barnes – Lour in Popping Eyes

Dressed-to-the-nines rose-fresh theatre. Jedward cradle themselves In a pomp-splash box. The snorty edge flurries this raised curtain. ‘Rites Of Spring,’ blurts gabbley lips. The twins dislocate nerves. Bob-up canes, set-against fans in an uproar.

Christopher Barnes – Blood-Stained Pillow

Anne Boleyn disentangles prompts On the Washeteria’s speech bubbles. Self-run gearing is eco-affirmative. Her duvet and pillows outline jauntiness Quickened by a hyperallergic gargle, Phosphate deficient. The dizzy-bouquet whiff Spins and hour into memory.

Christopher Barnes – Hereafter Chimneys

Reactors superheat uranium, Hatching plutonium – a fume, Radioactive cast-off. Julius Caesar grits teeth, Ashens at Windscale’s pockmarks On a thickset graphite shell. Blue-bag flames peck At a moody critical mass.

Christopher Barnes – Flash Gear

Foot-long tresses, plum and tangerine blouse, Ink-smudge breeks – Admiral Horatio Nelson struts. Carnaby St. is a kinetic three blocks. In Lord John’s portal he rib-digs Joe, Land-pirate to a clutter of pharmacies, Shopping list: four honeypots – French Blues. Currency for peacocks is revels or frills.

Christopher Barnes – See-Saw Then Reel

A fault-line deforms the lark’s sunrise. Frisco unpents itself, shop-soiling a minute. Gloating flames cackle for days. Survivor tents fidget on city-plan lawns. In a leap-the-queue food line Kermit the frog recovered his whereabouts At the brink of intact terrain.

Eileen Myles: Foam

FOAM     When I first arrived in San Diego in 2002 for a stint of five years a student Tristan Wand was his name and  I feel he was kind of a surfer and he was writing a senior thesis about La Jolla his point being there was a past – a kind of […]

Gaelle Voltaire – So Many Holes in the Brain (Poems)

Mater It seemed that all day when I was wandering the city, I was surrounded by a cone of silence and now here I am confronted with this child, and all I hear is noise. The noise of pattering steps, the rustling of clothing as this ugly little thing grasped earnestly for my embrace, the […]

Dennis Doherty – Epic

They rise up like bubbles from the black silt bottom of your oceanic mind: tendrils, crustacean eggs intent on life malign, effluence of demon anemones, the slippery spirit spies of your gulf stream, shadow eyes of the truant ebb tide. They bide alignment, organize in time. Soon, they’ll take away your Zune, your Xbox, Your […]

Dennis Doherty – A Kind of Order

A Kind of Order I love a pint of Sierra Nevada after three straight classes followed by three straight hours of student advising during registration week, wise guys in the bar be damned Unretrained fingers touch the flaming 401k to the gas in the foreclosed basement, smoke commingling with former jobs and phony investments and […]