April 2015

HumUni – The Housewarming (feat Rahima)

The Got Hope? EP by HumUni

Gaelle Voltaire – Kid

The first time I tried dried shrooms was fucking amazing. Last summer I had a job as a clerical in the Ram Van office. It consisted of staring into a screen, entering large amounts of data, answering dumb questions, making copies, and filing . . . endless filing. The day before, someone I knew had […]

Eric Miles Williamson – Our Women and Why We Love Them so Fucking Much – 1

Pop was getting married, and there was no way I was going to miss it. Weddings are the best place in the world to get laid. Mary, Pop’s fiancée, was fooling around on him, and everyone knew it, even Pop. When I caught her in my car screwing the bums who were living in it, […]

Kris Hall – Placeholder

I gave this dream to a color a swelling and pouting easter cotton on my heart synthesizing the wind and damn near everything else went pastel or rained down onto itself. this job is a blessing I can now afford those fruits drink tables ginko biloba with purpose smile at your back acknowledge the traits […]

HumUni – Squares x Circles

Squares x Circles by HumUni

Nonfiction: Gaelle Voltaire

Gaelle Voltaire is a Haitian-American writer, and resident starving artist at WOW Cafe Theater on the Lower East Side. She has written, directed, and produced three shows there in the past four years.

Fiction: Eric Miles Williamson

Eric Miles Williamson is an American novelist. His first novel, East Bay Grease, was a PEN/Hemingway finalist and listed by the Los Angeles Times Book Review as one of the “Best Books of 1999,” and its sequel, Welcome to Oakland, was named the second-best novel of 2009 and one of the top 40 novels of […]

Poetry: Kris Hall

Kris Hall is a writer and curator of Da’daedal from Seattle, WA. Author of the chapbooks Notes for Xenos Vesparum (Shotgun Wedding), and Dillinger on the Beach (Horse Less Press). He has been published by The Monarch Review, Really System, and theNewerYork.

Music: HumUni

HumUni (hyoom-you-nigh) is a hip hop duo formed of Brooklyn MC’s Mega and Ish. Rooted in a shared passion for music and bonded by friendship, they have been making music since 2008. The duo has three official releases and have rocked at venues like The Apollo Theater, Roseland Ballroom, and Emory University. Folks like to […]