April 2015

Eric Miles Williamson – Our Women and Why We Love Them so Fucking Much – 4

← Read Part 1 ← Read Part 2 ← Read Part 3 The wedding party was assembled, the band was ready, the preacher—Father Camozzi—set down his beer, and the ceremony began, Mary with Lura and Tura at her side, Pop with Louie the bartender as his best man and Joe Fernandez, Pop’s boss at Joe’s […]

Kris Hall – Evil Goes to Taco Ball: A Love Poem by Israel Keys

WHERE WILL YOU GO, YOU CLEVER LITTLE WORM, filled with so much goodness flaccid in my grip, gushing all that nacho cheese? In my mouth a graveyard appears, lines of stones slam into your grilled broadside. You loved living your lie of billboard immortality, hunger had its own scheme, crushed like a bug you still […]

HumUni – Christopher Wallace Way (by Ish_)

Gaelle Voltaire – Port Salut

Tubing at the beach! My family and I were taking a vacation in Haiti vacation that summer, visiting all of the family my sister and I had never met. It was going to be the perfect day. I was five and had no idea what tubing was, but my sister was excited about it and […]

Eric Miles Williamson – Our Women and Why We Love Them so Fucking Much – 3

← Read Part 1 ← Read Part 2 A white Cadillac pulled up, tinted windows and brand new with gold ensignias and gold-plated lug nuts on the rims. The door opened and a dude in a shiny silk suit stepped out. His gray hair reflected the sun and he was tall and skinny even though […]

Kris Hall – For Hidalgo

He sat at his desk while I sat at the edge of his bed while he dictated the story of his life in the rodeo. My mother left me there alone with this hundred year-old rock biter; to be inspired by the gait of his dustbowl legacy or something. She didn’t once note or amble […]

HumUni – DEFinition

Group Think by HumUni

Eric Miles Williamson – Our Women and Why We Love Them so Fucking Much – 2

← Read Part 1 Murphy men always outlive their women. Not that the gals don’t try their best. Hell, they do everything they can think of to outlive us. They poison us with boxed and canned chemicals, they screw our best friends before and sometimes after our nuptials hoping we’ll get in duels over their […]

Kris Hall – LA Push

It is nice and sunny all over the internet our focal point of America bereft of spinneret nowhere near New York dandelions in western most polyester greens, sweetened whiskey. Breathing the world’s end or rather ripped from our pivots the tall brink this endless wave fixed in its position nestled between Quillayute Needles that I […]