versions of women girls easy then off some swing free
an empty park I have tight press being jogging asides
gently freaking out just a little too hard wrist back teary
do artists who die young know how I’m sorry often but not
really at task you get stuck near corners paintbrushes can’t
touch every gear shaft a lingam condensation into wind
hey wait everybody it’s a remark we really wanted a drop
until you break boom and burn I’d like an acting job
now to be paid big among nerds rock stars adrift 
putting tables into rooms to new use polish new barricades
said of a man he could walk by we would never know he bleeds
all in his mouth steady blood pour duly swallowing 
see smart jackets spray air filaments dust dander glitter rests
will I look bad in your year-end rearview now I know we are
too free or not half there to work it out all but drape myself
over your near edge empty pool leaves scratch at blue gut 
you know without articulating cigarettes shy of true love
given the mouth of a stranger that hasn’t been dabbed a child
given a commuter’s twitching thigh naked jpegs I lost on purpose
to be killed of a sudden it’s not the middle it’s some collapsing line
part of the third act you expect praise from boss mother Jack
a salute from a pal’s cool dad why not make another kid renew
effusions vaguely celebratory a great-aunt’s panic attack prank
check in mister rest because tonight you must dance like before
then you go open look around you can call me gentler
keep notes glasses filmed on tray bum knee you would never
sit down only just come in ID glow kittens the weathered neighbor
then such dark as citronella candles we guess won’t drink flame 
you have done well for yourself this lovely home hospitality
you have time for little things such as matter more than
whoever on electric guitar like ripped satin in hood fan
have you tried anal I ask and make the air quotes with my eyes
reality is a star in her heart lights up if you can see it only