I could have added them to bump
the convo up they say Molly
scrunch a sock in pocket
you were the one to love mute 
odorous unquiet remembrance
to fall over anything steel wool
kiss toe line under Jesus come on
in pieces of rope belt not to be
seen out of all your friends apart
at keg won’t happen near 
you fell over today Monday
plucked out oyster shell for shiv
you would have swung harder
if knowing the prize is fixed
packages at reception dinner late
dirty dank face in blue plate
and noticed hair round nipples
his swank out of place ass
we woke in suburban New
Jersey what is New Jersey to 
an oblique murmur as they say 
passive hurtful postage franks 
drones under two types of sodium 
blueprints line the trip before and
maps everywhere made of violence
you say I wish you wouldn’t 
take your advice but it is all 
I have to loan you theories stories
you could take some up and apart
a brainstorm system cooling
a reflex nod toward coming night
behind the hills behind us buildings
we put chests together meaning off
I want to be gone there again 
a moment of togetherness