by Frannie M.

The Circus met up on April 21, to plan the next 12 months and our eventual world domination. We thought it would be nice to give you out there on the interwebs a taste of what has happened and what is to come.

First: thank you to all who came to our launch party for this website! As I was delirious with fever, I unfortunately could not attend.  However, even my fever-dreams were no match for some of the awesome art (and tic-tac-toe boards) that we received as contributions for our 3rd, collaborative, chapbook.  The chap is in the works, so stay tuned.

Next: There are really big things to come…

  • We will be adding to our list of contributors and continuing to bring you fresh, witty commentary on The Ringleader.  We are rounding up (and accepting submissions for) awesome creative work on Trapezine.  Keep an eye out for some prompts, contests, and featured artists coming your way.
  • Workshops: We will be running a three-part workshop series this summer on generating and performing poetry. Participants can join in the fun for one of the following classes or all of them…
    • Mind: Generating poetry for performance.
    • Voice: Aesthetic and literal “voice.” Editing poetry and planning performance.
    • Body: How to find the stage and follow through with an exceptional performance. (This workshop culminates in a group reading)
  • The Journal: Please submit, encourage your talented friends to submit, and get excited for our full-length Circus Book Presents literary journal, out this December.
  • Incubation: There are some top-secret projects that we are curating at the moment. We are like momma-birds sitting on pretty, speckly eggs. When they hatch, you will be the first to know.

There are some really exciting things happening over here, and we couldn’t do it without you.  Come One, Come All (and tell your friends)!