by Ricky Garni

Fill in the Blank


Sure, I’ll buy that book.
It …

1) is brown
2) has a nun in it
3) smells like victory
4) loves me back
5) ‘s four dead in o-hi-o
6) is haunting my life
7) is haunting your life
8) is so cute I could just squeeze it to death
9) to death!
10) is saying if loving you is wrong I . . . (fill in the blank)
a) don’t want to be right
b) want to be right
c) love orville wright
11) is my book anyway

Ricky Garni is a graphic designer and writer living in Carrboro, NC. His nicknames have included but are not limited to: Cutesy, Icky, Stumpy, and Banjo Billy. And although he hears Cutesy, Icky and Stumpy, he only answers to Banjo Billy, because it is a warm and pleasing moniker.
He says:
“My parents used to say I was a freak show and it wasn’t until I finally went to a circus that I realized that they were wrong and that actually I was a side show at heart.”

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