A Poetic Production of Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love: August 10, 11, 12

A very cool production of Sam’s Shepard’s Fool for Love will feature Circus Book’s Tom Bair as one of several poets performing before the play.

Performances at the Zoo Theatre, a part of Triskelion Arts
118 N. 11th Street, Brooklyn (Between Berry and Wythe)
Off the L train Bedford Avenue stop

AUGUST 10, 11, 12 AT 8:00 PM

Email poeticfoolforlove@gmail.com for ticket reservations!
In the email, please specify your name, night of attendance and number of tickets.

Kristen Tomanocy

Peter Duncanson
Tyler Grimes
Steph Holmbo
John Lavigne

Zach Hilton
T.J. Natole
Tom Bair
Mary Anne Rojas
James Warren

Robert Stevenson (Set/Light Design)
Elyse Marcus (Stage Management/Costume Design)
Steve Hart (Assistant Direction)
Meaghan Cross (Producing)
Andie Patterson (Assistant Costume Design)
John Lavigne (Sound Design)

One of Sam Shepard’s most popular and critically acclaimed plays, Fool for Love is the story of one of theatre’s most infamous couples. Eddie and May have been rambunctious lovers for fifteen years; they are time-worn wheels on a rodeo trailer in the wilting American West. They cannot survive with each other or without each other. No simple love story, the play is also an investigation into the inheritance of family dysfunction. Shepard’s own family life was a source of sadness and a pain that has colored his entire playwriting career. Fool for Love, which he wrote in sixteen drafts, (only adding a father figure in the final draft) bites the questions about what family is to the quick and leaves them bleeding on a rickety kitchen table, even after company comes over.

The play takes place in a grubby motel room, where May has been trying to stay on the wagon and get her life together when suddenly Eddie bursts through the door with tequila, a shotgun, a lasso, and spurs on his boots. He wants May back. Again. An Old Man watches from his chair beside the stage as May and Eddie come together. And pull apart. And make each other sick. And love each other harder than any two people have ever loved each other before. We would love to have you there for the ride.

The play is not the only part of the show. Working together with local New York City poets and writers, we are planning a unique experience that combines both theatre and performance poetry. We have asked several poets to write pieces surrounding themes inherent in Fool for Love, giving it new, fresh voices. The poets will open up the evening with performances of poems that take place within the very motel room Eddie and May later tell their own story in. The result is an expansion of the dimensions and facets of the play and its characters; New Yorkers get to see their own city, their own people in Shepard’s world of the American West.

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