by lewis levenberg

set up a ladder
carry up a bucket
muck the muck out

(sweet earth undisturbed for ages
dead leaves twigs et cetera
slowly composting without
shit trash food or bugs even)
(thirty feet above the ground
saplings sprout
from the loam)
(black water

rain water
layered leaf and humus)

fill bucket with muck

(be gentle – don’t destroy sprouts)

carry bucket down
release damp compost to the earth

(steal seconds to replant saplings)

fill bucket with piped water
carry up the ladder
flush the gutter out

climb down
move ladder
do it all again

(pristine guttering above
shored up, seams sealed)

lay down the ladder.
guttering runs clear.

once-elevated gardens
tossed to earth
hug gutterer’s soles

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