Not Resolving the Solstices

by Tom Bair and John Wilson of Future Machine Our own Tom Bair is a finalist in Write Bloody Publishing‘s 2012 book contest. One of twenty finalists, Tom was asked to make a video of himself performing a poem. So he grabbed John and John asked him to walk around. We at Circus Book ask […]

The Pre-Interview Interview

by Tracy Soren A few years ago my mother found some of my elementary school papers hidden in a night-stand drawer. As per children who made it through the trials of kindergarten, there was an abundance of sloppy drawings, last ditch efforts of sad brown crayons, and my name scribbled across the top as if […]

Only With Myself

by Benjamin Nardolilli Only With Myself It was the priest who brought us together, We both laughed at him, When we went to the water without his cross And when we walked back to the hotel To rest without reading his Bible. In the morning I woke And nestled up to you, momma bird, You […]


by lewis levenberg set up a ladder carry up a bucket muck the muck out (sweet earth undisturbed for ages dead leaves twigs et cetera slowly composting without shit trash food or bugs even) (thirty feet above the ground saplings sprout tenuous tenacious from the loam) (black water silt-laden rain water stone-filtered layered leaf and […]


by Dana Jaye Cadman Here the night spreads across the breast of day and yawns one aching grey breath onto the river, the ceiling swings low over while the Parlor City hugs me drunk between muse and rot. A juniper. What forgives of us? What of us can enter or be entered– these ambitious limbs […]

For The Grace Of The Homeless Lady On Her Birthday

by Jennifer Diskin In an Oak Park suburb, a homeless lady takes our picture in front of the Unity Temple. She looks for the subway, and we take a half hour journey through these streets because she told us it was her birthday. She’s looking for company and when it comes to loneliness what choice […]