Neil Mathison – Kites

From my tree perch, high above the playground jungle gym, two girls gather blossoms. What near-pubescent sirens they are! One, in blue, her jersey flowered Swedish yellows, a clothier’s catalog girl, a Gap-for-Kids girl, a golden Hanna-Andersson model. The other in black – black curly hair, black Nikes silvered by Hermes wings, black double-knee sweats […]

Dennis Doherty – Epic

They rise up like bubbles from the black silt bottom of your oceanic mind: tendrils, crustacean eggs intent on life malign, effluence of demon anemones, the slippery spirit spies of your gulf stream, shadow eyes of the truant ebb tide. They bide alignment, organize in time. Soon, they’ll take away your Zune, your Xbox, Your […]

Dennis Doherty – A Kind of Order

A Kind of Order I love a pint of Sierra Nevada after three straight classes followed by three straight hours of student advising during registration week, wise guys in the bar be damned Unretrained fingers touch the flaming 401k to the gas in the foreclosed basement, smoke commingling with former jobs and phony investments and […]

Amanda Koester – He’d be Home by Then

He’d never say a word to her. He’d remain strong, unscathed, a man, her father. He’d place no weight on her, and she would remain his warrant, a ticket to continue, though he would move on unreachable, the sun could not warm his skin, the cold could not leave from the trees, Ann could not […]

Barbara Stork – Recession Leaves

Text for Leaf No.1: May 12, 2008 Postville, IA, at Aaron’s Best Kosher Meat Packing Plant/ Largest Immigration Raid in US History/ 389 workers arrested/ Black Hawk Helicopters/ Riot gear/ marched ten at a time into a temporary courtroom Waterloo Iowa- the ballroom of the National Cattle Congress. Text for Leaf No.2: July 24, 2008 […]

On MLB and its Long-Term Commitment

by Tyler Collison This is the first post in a series, Reconstructive Manifesto. Though the world of sports is at times both entertaining and fascinating, the fact is that the nation’s major sports organizations (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL) are businesses, and no business model is flawless. And with that, we begin the inaugural Reconstructive […]

Dream Team vs. Dream Team: Debating the Great Debate

by Tyler Collison In the honeymoon period of what was unarguably the greatest single-game performance in Olympics history, the engine driving the debate of who would win a head-to-head matchup between the United States’ two “Dream Teams” — those of 1992 and 2012 — has received an oil change. But before I get too far into things, […]

Movie Stack

Why Movies Lean Left

Films tend to lean left because they put a face on the human condition, and thus make it harder for those who feel that the disenfranchised and those who are different should be left out in the cold. It’s an emotional medium, which wants us to understand a character and situation that may or may […]

Poem/CounterPoem: Williams

Poem This installment draws down against William Carlos Williams’s Spring and All, specifically, XXI: “The Red Wheelbarrow”. You know this. so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens. and so: CounterPoem define this(object) (reference self whole) or (reference not that) define was(subject object) (is past tense) or (used […]