Text for Leaf No.1: May 12, 2008 Postville, IA, at Aaron’s Best Kosher Meat Packing Plant/ Largest Immigration Raid in US History/ 389 workers arrested/ Black Hawk Helicopters/ Riot gear/ marched ten at a time into a temporary courtroom Waterloo Iowa- the ballroom of the National Cattle Congress.

Text for Leaf No.2: July 24, 2008 100th Anniversary of Tin Lizzie. Big 3 Auto Re-tools for small hybrids. After a long running state of denial, but ask anyone, they could see it coming, but wanted their SUV anyway, SUV’s dumped everywhere. Are tough guys really looking at little tiny cars? Ford has 8.7 billion loss this quarter/ GM suspending dividends, cutting salaried benies, no health care for retirees, none / Chrysler’s small footprint leaves them no global market/ GM 15.5 billion loss this quarter.

Text for Leaf No.3 Aug 5, 2008 The Next Shoe to Drop,….OK FINE, I’ll just stop charging shit on the credit card. Hey, it’s all about personal responsibiliteeee. Remember 1980 credit card agreement?-one page. Tricks &Traps. Pay to Pay Fees. Late Fees. Overlimit Fees. But we don’t sell toasters with wiring diagrams expecting the consumer to figure out which one will blow up.

Text for Leaf No. 4: Aug 8, 2008 We’re pretty sure [John] Edwards Affair was announced today on purpose. It better be a coincidence that Russia invades South Ossetia on the same day as the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics.