Only With Myself

by Benjamin Nardolilli Only With Myself It was the priest who brought us together, We both laughed at him, When we went to the water without his cross And when we walked back to the hotel To rest without reading his Bible. In the morning I woke And nestled up to you, momma bird, You […]

On Agamben’s Concept of Sovereignty

Giorgio Agamben’s seminal works of political philosophy, Homo Sacer and State of Exception, contain problematic and undefined conceptions of sovereignty. His tergiversation demands, first, an explication of his deployment of the concept. This leads to the articulation of three dissents from his position, along historical, material, and geopolitical grounds. Those dissents recall the work of […]


by Dana Jaye Cadman Here the night spreads across the breast of day and yawns one aching grey breath onto the river, the ceiling swings low over while the Parlor City hugs me drunk between muse and rot. A juniper. What forgives of us? What of us can enter or be entered– these ambitious limbs […]