Broken iPhones, digital chirrups, muscular drum patterns and disembodied dance tropes clatter over each throughout the music of Mind Dynamics, the lifestyle-minded Brooklyn duo of Daniel Freshwater and Brian Whateverer with a running interest in the equal aspects of status-conscious display and the fragmented, dystopian realities they find their work caught up in.

Equal parts new-age mantra pushing and techno deconstructionism, the band’s warped, elastic rhythms have drawn comparisons to the Night Slugs label’s obsessions with the lavish, as much as Eric Copeland’s inverted dub, Actress’ stripped down excursions or Pete Swanson’s recent damaged warehouse operations. Disjointed rhythms pile-up and melt in an ever-shifting blur of robotic and cybernetic club ruins retrograded with synthetic image renderings probably best viewed via Ocular Rift.  But at the heart of each track is techno, twisted through the band’s uniquely idiomatic lens.

Having just released their last album, Precision Instruments on Vancouver upstart 1080p Collection, the band has already got a strong start on 2014, touring with Cities Aviv, and sharing the stage with New York rap stalwarts Ratking, not to mention past dates with fellow dance floor innovators Rizzla, Pictureplane, Dust, Maria Minerva and Schwarz. Look for the band on the road this year, with a new album out now on Digitalis Industries.

Praise for Mind Dynamics
“Mind Dynamics is butt deep in a hot tub of digital detritus situated up on the patio of glitchy zen heaven, where mechanical squeals and dead-end dance beats morph into pseudo-ambient stretches with garbled pop snippets just long enough to trick you into chilling out.” — Vice

“Brookln duo Mind Dynamics delivers a proper brain fuck…a dense world of modulating electronics, buried vocals, and abstract rhythms which all and shift in order to culminate into one beautiful, uncompromising mess” – XLR8R

“Forget what everyone’s talking about, Mind Dynamics is the vibration of the now with the cycles of eternity coded into the masters.” Tiny Mixtapes

“…overlapping layers of warped synthesizers, frenetic drum patterns, and various other atmospheric samples comprise an extremely viscous sonic bath for the listener to immerse herself within.” — Ad Hoc