August, 2013 - Circus Book

han drill

A Living Artist – Joe Weil

Pratfalls I am asked to go to lunch with the visiting famous poet. I have watched many famous poets chew: Louise Gluck, Thomas Lux, Gerald Stern, Li Young Lee… If you have a couple books out and teach, you may be asked to lunch. No one will argue Mayakovski with you and slam your head […]

A Living Artist – Zach Meyer

I Am A Monster And You Should Be Too Oh my god. I love money. I love it more than I ever have. And since moving to New York City, I now have fantasies of crushing everyone else around me while wearing a tuxedo. I sincerely despise romanticism, and the nostalgia of the 1950’s art […]

machine in the grass

A Living Artist – lewis levenberg

What scares you about the machines? Whatever it is, you’ll get over it. It’s more or less a human being thing. You walk day to day, paycheck to paycheck, smothering the city in a passionate misgiving. Some produce more elaborate conclusions, some do more, more diligently. You entail the final speculation. Anyway, it’s not really […]

seriously serious

A Living Artist – Justin Woo

I think artists are just people.  We’re like poorly compensated accountants. Or baristas. Or cubicle jockeys (of which I am one). It’s a craft and a skill, sure, but that’s about it. It’s not a lot more mysterious than that. I think that there are as many ways of being artists as there are artists […]