2013 June

A Living Artist – Devon Branca

Phonometricians 1: On Being Asked “Are You a Living Artist?” in 2013 2 1. Say yes — and 3 A. There’s profundity to the joke “Why did the chicken cross the road?” We imagine the lost author of the joke and the first few people who never heard it before. He is standing on a […]

A Living Artist – Zev Gottdiener

I Art does not exist by itself. Art only emerges dialogically through the multi-faceted processes of an artist creating something and people experiencing that creation. In this way, it may be safer to say “art only exists in time,” or that “art is a process.” Focusing on the dialogues that bring art into existence explodes […]

A Living Artist – Adam Fitzgerald

A Memory of Fish Ever since I was a child, it has been my tendency to create around me a fictitious world, to create and surround myself with friends & acquaintances that never existed. My pockets were always filled with odds and ends, gathering everything I could find when I went out for a walk: […]

Zev Gottdiener – The Breadman V

V   The boy’s mother comes out of the cleaners carrying her sequined handbag and a pain between her shoulder blades. She steps off the curb and winces. The streets are always too crowded when I leave, she thinks, wishing they’d let her come in earlier as she whisks around the legless man perpetually posted […]

A Living Artist – Jan Becker

On Pretty Fruit Bowls The first time I ran into Francisco de Goya was at the Museo del Prado in Madrid. When I saw the large bronze statue of him outside the entrance, I figured the bean company must have sent a big donation. It was my only awareness of the name. I had no […]