2012 February

The Pre-Interview Interview

by Tracy Soren A few years ago my mother found some of my elementary school papers hidden in a night-stand drawer. As per children who made it through the trials of kindergarten, there was an abundance of sloppy drawings, last ditch efforts of sad brown crayons, and my name scribbled across the top as if […]

Fill in the Blank

by Ricky Garni Fill in the Blank FILL IN THE BLANK: Sure, I’ll buy that book. It … 1) is brown 2) has a nun in it 3) smells like victory 4) loves me back 5) ‘s four dead in o-hi-o 6) is haunting my life 7) is haunting your life 8) is so cute […]

Stopping Suddenly

by Tom Bair So I’m on the train and it’s going along but it keeps starting and stopping, not at designated stops, but, like, in the middle of the tunnel. It’s early enough in the morning for this to be a treat, really. If I’m late to where I’m going I’ll be able to say […]

Remember to Check Your Shoes for Spiders

by Zev Gottdiener . . . (don’t worry, they’re not THAT poisonous) Better yet, like the geckos and everything else that doesn’t automatically, bite, sting, swarm, or generally feast on you, spiders feast on those that do those things. Put the sweet potatoes in the dying coals so tomorrow . . .       […]

by Marissa Paternoster

On Movement | Between Art and Capital

by lewis levenberg A few words, this week, on the vagaries of hanging out our shingle once more. We’ve encountered setbacks, delays, challenges, and so on. But we’re still dogging this startup—this conglomeration of our assets into publication, incubation, and focused curation—and it’s time to share what we’ve learned so far. Here’s to the phoenix, […]

Only With Myself

by Benjamin Nardolilli Only With Myself It was the priest who brought us together, We both laughed at him, When we went to the water without his cross And when we walked back to the hotel To rest without reading his Bible. In the morning I woke And nestled up to you, momma bird, You […]