Poem/CounterPoem: Williams

Poem This installment draws down against William Carlos Williams’s Spring and All, specifically, XXI: “The Red Wheelbarrow”. You know this. so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens. and so: CounterPoem define this(object) (reference self whole) or (reference not that) define was(subject object) (is past tense) or (used […]

Poem/CounterPoem: Whitman

by lewis levenberg After hiatus, always nice to ease back in with poetry. Poem/CounterPoem takes an out-of-print, public-domain poem and responds to it, also in verse. Today’s comes from Walt Whitman: Poem: Once I pass’d through a populous city imprinting my brain for future use with its shows, architecture, customs, traditions, Yet now of all […]

work song

by lewis levenberg so sing an isolated verse or two while) bells to silence fade and background city rumblings hemhorrage restart detailless know) nothing: the street playful slash serious et cetera all burn) skin sloughs & bubbles shoulders backs necks hours break and haul to piles) concrete streetside karmic compensation free hard labor force let) […]