May 2015

Cultural Studies – Kim Klinger – on biopower

Michel Foucault has argued that research into modern power must work toward an “ascending analysis” which outlines its “infinitesimal mechanisms”. This method of analyzing techniques and effects is at the core of Foucault's concept of modern power, or biopower. Anthropologist Paul Rabinow and his frequent collaborator, sociologist Nikolas Rose, have, following Foucault, framed a concept […]

Dream Crasher – 1-5

E.D. Rodriguez – XIV

When I arrived, the lights were up the ink on the banners had faded, the pigment in the photos vaguely captured history, the chairs were stacked, the microphone was unplugged, busboys cleaning up, balloons floated down in the cavernous hall, each one popping at the end of its fall, there was no clinking of flutes, […]

Jimmy the Loch – Blocks

Nonfiction: Cultural Studies

Selections from current practitioners in Cultural Studies.

Fiction: Dream Crasher

About Dream Crasher: Following a cataclysmic event, a group of children struggling to survive find themselves caught in the middle of a conflict between two mysterious entities, neither of whom are what they appear to be. Dream Crasher is a new speculative fiction comic book series by written by Daniel Stalter and illustrated by Reed […]

Poetry: E.D. Rodriguez

E.D.Rodriguez was born in Santiago de Los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic. Brought to Elizabeth, New Jersey at the age of 5 by intrepid parents, Rodriguez lived the richness of urban life in America coupled with the Latino immigrant experience. He is a civil rights lawyer currently residing in Baltimore.

Music: Jimmy the Loch

JimmyTheLoch is a forever evolving entity. A collection of thoughts spawned from the only light capable of escaping black holes. After finding its way to Earth’s warm embrace, JimmyTheLoch imbued the Loch Ness Monster with what little energy it had left. After years of persecution and dodging deep sea hunters, it was time for our […]