March 2015

Allen Kopp – Wishing Will Make It So – 2

← Read Part 1 The phone rings again and he reaches out to answer it but changes his mind. He will not answer it. No, no, no! It’s probably Obix calling to see why he hasn’t shown up for work, and he’s finished with Obix. Hitting his head has cleared his mind. He wants to […]

Florencia Varela – Fire Island

We are sunburned and getting married, slowly, all of us. We bring a beer into the shower thinking we could live out the rest with sand in our hair. We look at age, collected among the shells and sea glass — when Sean breaks a chair and falls onto the deck, we all say He […]

Nick Lesley – Felicia & Coctopus

Toure de Force by Felicia & Coctopus

Kristen Tomanocy – The True Hotel – 3

← Read Part 1 ← Read Part 2 What are springs and waterfalls? Here is the spring of springs, the waterfall of waterfalls. A storm in the fall or winter is the time to visit it; a lighthouse or a fisherman's hut the true hotel. A man may stand there and put all America behind […]

Florencia Varela – Five of Cups

It’s the dream again — ankles & wrists pinned Down by the rogue wave, useless wingspan Stretched like a pale shoreline. This is a continent of disremembrance. Fog-charm. This is the plow — Crumbs on the table, forks in the sink. Stout & fugitive — Indian summer, Traps for last year’s ants. I am only […]

Allen Kopp – Wishing Will Make It So – 1

“We have to have these finished by two o’clock,” the assistant manager says as he dumps a stack of reports in front of Tilden Sunderland. Tilden rankles at the note of arrogance in the command. He takes a quick look at the clock and sees it is twenty minutes to one. He has been at […]

Nick Lesley – Alien Whale

Alien Whale – Play at WFMU

Kristen Tomanocy – The True Hotel – 2

← Read Part 1 Without a doubt, the Cape and Islands will continue to erode because, with or without sea-level rise, the loose sand of the glacial cape has no resistance to wave attack. Continued sea-level rise will accelerate the erosion and cause the demise of the Cape to occur sooner. However, it will take […]

Allen Kopp – Their Thousand Friends – 2

← Read Part 1 The next few days passed peacefully enough. Order was restored to Mrs. Gessler’s house. Her cats came out of hiding and approached the cage with great interest. They stuck their paws inside and batted playfully at the two mice, but Mrs. Gessler wouldn’t allow them to maul or eat Sir Isaac […]