Eileen Myles: Foam

FOAM     When I first arrived in San Diego in 2002 for a stint of five years a student Tristan Wand was his name and  I feel he was kind of a surfer and he was writing a senior thesis about La Jolla his point being there was a past – a kind of […]

Relaunch, Recite, Relax

Circus Book is back on the wagon with open submissions in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and music; the publication of an art-essay by NY Giant Eileen Myles; a newly designed site; and the forthcoming publishing and performance of Joe Weil’s book of essays, The Redux Handbook. To celebrate and to raise funds for that performance we’ll […]

Alanzo Robles-Gordon: A Man

Alanzo Robles-Gordon: Fashionistas

Alanzo Robles-Gordon: Dancers

Alanzo Robles-Gordon: Self Portrait

Alanzo Robles-Gordon: Housing Crisis

Alanzo Robles-Gordon: Eye Study

Alanzo Robles-Gordon: Nia Fox