Dreaming Up Place

by Zev Gottdiener Dreaming Up Place: Landscapes Through Time, and The Politics of Sustainability. Sitting under a faction of the ubiquitous bougainvillea streaming low across a friend’s yard, you have a front row seat to the march of a changing landscape. The once forested view of the past, across the dirt path recently figured with […]

Remember to Check Your Shoes for Spiders

by Zev Gottdiener . . . (don’t worry, they’re not THAT poisonous) Better yet, like the geckos and everything else that doesn’t automatically, bite, sting, swarm, or generally feast on you, spiders feast on those that do those things. Put the sweet potatoes in the dying coals so tomorrow . . .       […]


by Zev Gottdiener Nnenna began to see all the dyads and networks fighting between one another. They exercised their cliometrics like a heteroglossia of bathhouse cherubs, contemplating the conversive virus that had so recently appeared on the scene and/or universe. There was a noticeable contamination at the engine level. From the mitochondrial level up it […]