Sreyash Sarkar

Sreyash Sarkar – Malaise

“Our indiscretion sometimes serve us well, when our dear plots do pall…” – Hamlet, 5.2.7, Shakespeare. “The dawn has descended upon us,” said the Elder, “Let us hurry, or be hunted Let us conjecture, or be battered Let us herald, or be outwitted.” The little girl, inebriated in the beauty of the words, Is lost […]

Sreyash Sarkar – The Macramé of Carnal Waves

”Love is a shadow. How you lie and cry after it. Listen: these are its hooves: it has gone off, like a horse.” – Sylvia Plath Below the highway darkness turns the heath To ancient shapes, to where the wind trots on hooves, The mist acloak swirling, or further back To that with eyes and […]

Sreyash Sarkar – The Cage

It was the day that The bird flew away to a horizon Unknown, beyond reach Incapable of childish marriages and fluid births, Setting out a cry, distinct in its screech, the retaining tone Scratched the earth, until colorless blood oozed out of it Drop by drop, and then a flood… I did not remember anything. […]

Sreyash Sarkar – The Optical Symphony

I heard the light in all its jubilance: The tunes, like recuerdos of a passing feast, The notes that lingered in the stairs Encrusted in uncouth undulation, Lay words deceived and afflicted. Rhapsodical moments crossed woods Left their ethereal motion Under shadowed trees, Bitten words afloat in the air Disappeared in the land of magpies […]

Poetry: Sreyash Sarkar

Sreyash Sarkar is a poet, a qualified painter, a practicing Hindustani Classical musician and an aspiring Electrical Engineer. Educated in Kolkata and Bangalore, he has been a student correspondent at The Statesman, Kolkata from his school, South Point. In 2012, in an international poetry competition organized in memory of Yeats, his poem was shortlisted among […]