Sam Slaughter

Sam Slaughter – Fame in the Graveyard – 4

<< Read Part 1 << Read Part 2 << Read Part 3 I followed her out and around the corner. We stood fifty yards away under the shade of an alder. The man, if paler, could’ve passed as a statue. The cast his silhouette on the dirt pile in front of him. “How long has […]

Sam Slaughter – Fame in the Graveyard – 3

<< Read Part 1 << Read Part 2 A knock startled me. I coughed and turned around. I coughed again when I saw that it was Diana Salvaggio. The Diana Salvaggio. The alive one, at least. Her hand was still in a fist against the doorframe. I gave a smile, which she reciprocated. I couldn’t […]

Sam Slaughter – Fame in the Graveyard – 2

<< Read Part 1 I stared at the closed door. There was a guy who wanted to kill himself with the means and motive outside. How did Frankie expect minimum wage me to keep an eye on him? I turned to look at him through the window. The man stood in front of a mound […]

Sam Slaughter – Fame in the Graveyard – 1

It was just another boring day in the graveyard. We had no burials planned and it wasn’t raining so there was no excuse to stay in the office with the air conditioner watching Jerry Springer or Maury. Instead, we—and by we I mean Chris and I, the ones that did the hard work—had to pretend […]

Fiction: Sam Slaughter

Sam Slaughter is the current Book Review Editor for The Atticus Review. He’s had fiction and nonfiction published or upcoming in places such as McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Heavy Feather Review, South85, and Midwestern Gothic. He can be found online at his website, or on Twitter @slaughterwrites. He lives and writes in DeLand, Florida.