Nick Lesley

Nick Lesley – Felicia & Coctopus

Toure de Force by Felicia & Coctopus

Nick Lesley – Alien Whale

Alien Whale – Play at WFMU

Nick Lesley – Necking – FutureFossilFuels

Nick Lesley – Aggrobatics

Video by Jon Dieringer. Live Score by Nick Lesley, performed at Spectacle Theater, 2014. Footage from Thrashin’ and North Shore. In the whole 40 minutes, it goes into far out territory. Contact Nick if you want it performed at your local microcinema!

Music: Nick Lesley

Nick Lesley is a Brooklyn based musician, currently active in the bands Necking and Alien Whale, along with other collaborations and occasional solo projects. He’s primarily an improvising drummer, but performs on guitar, saxophone, and electronics. He’s created music for dance, film and video – including recent computer animations by Lillian Schwartz – performed in […]