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Kristen Tomanocy – The True Hotel – 3

← Read Part 1 ← Read Part 2 What are springs and waterfalls? Here is the spring of springs, the waterfall of waterfalls. A storm in the fall or winter is the time to visit it; a lighthouse or a fisherman's hut the true hotel. A man may stand there and put all America behind […]

Kristen Tomanocy – The True Hotel – 2

← Read Part 1 Without a doubt, the Cape and Islands will continue to erode because, with or without sea-level rise, the loose sand of the glacial cape has no resistance to wave attack. Continued sea-level rise will accelerate the erosion and cause the demise of the Cape to occur sooner. However, it will take […]

Kristen Tomanocy – The True Hotel – 1

PROLOGUE I spent half of my childhood on Cape Cod with my father’s family and half of it roaming the dairy farm with my mother’s family. East of America, there stands in the open Atlantic the last fragment of an ancient and vanished land. Worn by the breakers and the rains, and disintegrated by the […]

Nonfiction: Kristen Tomanocy

Kristen is a prose writer, poet, and theatre artist, though her main medium of expression is directing theatre. Professionally, she has taught acting classes at FIT as well as directed Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead with the FIT Theatre Ensemble, and has worked as a teaching artist facilitating creative writing and poetry slam workshops around New York State. She […]

A Living Artist – Kristen Tomanocy

When I was very young I used to spend hours pretending to be a dog—crawling around on my hands and knees, licking my paws, and wearing a pink studded collar. I even got my little brother to sneak cereal from the kitchen so I could eat it out of a bowl on the ground. I […]