Florencia Varela

Florencia Varela – Fire Island

We are sunburned and getting married, slowly, all of us. We bring a beer into the shower thinking we could live out the rest with sand in our hair. We look at age, collected among the shells and sea glass — when Sean breaks a chair and falls onto the deck, we all say He […]

Florencia Varela – Five of Cups

It’s the dream again — ankles & wrists pinned Down by the rogue wave, useless wingspan Stretched like a pale shoreline. This is a continent of disremembrance. Fog-charm. This is the plow — Crumbs on the table, forks in the sink. Stout & fugitive — Indian summer, Traps for last year’s ants. I am only […]

Florencia Varela – Never Seattle

I could mistake the story for city, as I learned the city by its text. When the knife cut through his cheek, he knew it was time to leave the story he had grown up in, a city he had known by heart. When in Seattle, I learned his heart by story. When his father […]

Florencia Varela – Daybreak

There’s the roof on top of the building, then another roof across town, even higher, I’ve been there too. And it wasn’t too different how the world looked without me in it, (it is a small place to begin with, a jar filled mostly with blue azaleas). It still wouldn’t say where the dog buried […]

Poetry: Florencia Varela

Florencia Varela’s poems have previously been featured in journals such as Gulf Coast, Western Humanities Review, Washington Square Journal, Diagram, and Poetry Daily. Her chapbook, Outside of Sleep, was published in 2012 by Dancing Girl Press. She completed her MFA at Columbia University, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn.