Desiree Dighton

Desiree Dighton: MIA

At work, I started telling this fox story around the water cooler. It was me and Roxanne, Phil and Debra. I’ve known Roxanne forever, since I was a kid, and Phil comes in later, so hold on. Debra doesn’t matter, so we’re skipping her. Roxanne’s kind of my best friend, at least at work. She […]

Fiction: Desiree Dighton

Desiree Dighton has been a contest finalist with Glimmer Train and American Short Fiction, and most recently her work has appeared in Prime Mincer and Union Station. She is an assistant editor at Narrative. Desiree received her MFA from Southern Illinois University, and currently teaches writing in Raleigh, NC, where she’s been known to eat […]