David Appelbaum

David Appelbaum – Notes on Water – 4

<< Read Part 1 << Read Part 2 << Read Part 3 4. Drought Even in its absence, water is a signifier. So much so that some say thirst, the desire for water, was the first thing. It then begat its object and drank bringing our cosmos to pass. I do not wish to argue […]

David Appelbaum – Notes on Water – 3

<< Read Part 1 << Read Part 2 2. storm In its nativity, water is motion, circulation of a primal life-force that can cloud the window on a drizzly October day and leave reason to suffer its illogic. In both its gross and subtle bodies, water is change, the only constant, and so is like […]

David Appelbaum – Notes on Water – 2

<< Read Part 1 1. flood Much can be said of a phenomenology of the flood and to say it opens the breast. An outpouring, a good thing taken to excess, a superabundance in the field of feeling clears the ground of thought like ammonia to the fagged brain. I find it strange that wiping […]

David Appelbaum – Notes on Water – 1

‘How did the world begin?’ asks the child. That is the very first question of all, liquid and innocent. The words themselves begin a world, putting history to a stop and breaking time’s arrow. Therein, creation stirs anew, and the mind and the world. The child is eternal in us, and its question too. When […]

Nonfiction: David Appelbaum

David Appelbaum treads a thin line between poetry and philosophy. A professor of philosophy at SUNY New Paltz, his work in a series of books focuses on the performance of voice. Publisher of Codhill Press, which he founded fifteen years go, he has produced a booklist of nearly one hundred titles, including several local authors. […]