Christopher Barnes

Christopher Barnes – Lour in Popping Eyes

Dressed-to-the-nines rose-fresh theatre. Jedward cradle themselves In a pomp-splash box. The snorty edge flurries this raised curtain. ‘Rites Of Spring,’ blurts gabbley lips. The twins dislocate nerves. Bob-up canes, set-against fans in an uproar.

Christopher Barnes – Blood-Stained Pillow

Anne Boleyn disentangles prompts On the Washeteria’s speech bubbles. Self-run gearing is eco-affirmative. Her duvet and pillows outline jauntiness Quickened by a hyperallergic gargle, Phosphate deficient. The dizzy-bouquet whiff Spins and hour into memory.

Christopher Barnes – Hereafter Chimneys

Reactors superheat uranium, Hatching plutonium – a fume, Radioactive cast-off. Julius Caesar grits teeth, Ashens at Windscale’s pockmarks On a thickset graphite shell. Blue-bag flames peck At a moody critical mass.

Christopher Barnes – Flash Gear

Foot-long tresses, plum and tangerine blouse, Ink-smudge breeks – Admiral Horatio Nelson struts. Carnaby St. is a kinetic three blocks. In Lord John’s portal he rib-digs Joe, Land-pirate to a clutter of pharmacies, Shopping list: four honeypots – French Blues. Currency for peacocks is revels or frills.

Christopher Barnes – See-Saw Then Reel

A fault-line deforms the lark’s sunrise. Frisco unpents itself, shop-soiling a minute. Gloating flames cackle for days. Survivor tents fidget on city-plan lawns. In a leap-the-queue food line Kermit the frog recovered his whereabouts At the brink of intact terrain.