2013 July

A Living Artist – Simone Kearney

art·ist   : a collage /ˈärtist/ to be able to read thomas aquinas, his writings on grace and look at abel ferrara regarding his take on saints and sinners but also to be able to have the freedom to reflect on the new york jewish artist genius lawrence weiner’s statement in 1968 regarding the work of […]

A Living Artist – Moshe Siegel

Art is inspiration, revelation, introspection, yes, but also it’s a painting, a photo, some words on a page: artifice by human hands. How much faith do we put in human hands? How reliable are we as narrators? Do any of us know what the fuck is going on? (A wink and nod from artist to […]

A Living Artist – Kristen Tomanocy

When I was very young I used to spend hours pretending to be a dog—crawling around on my hands and knees, licking my paws, and wearing a pink studded collar. I even got my little brother to sneak cereal from the kitchen so I could eat it out of a bowl on the ground. I […]

A Living Artist – Edgar Oliver

Brooklyn I wander aimlessly across Brooklyn as much as I can. Any day I have free – if it is not too bitterly cold – or torrentially rainy or wildly windy – I head to Brooklyn – either on foot across one of the bridges, or else by subway. Even on rainy days I often […]